Mac Support

Offering Mac specific services to businesses and individuals has been a core part of our business for many years and we thrive on offering specialist support where many other IT companies fall down.  As an Apple Authorised Service Provider we are also privileged enough to offer hardware repair and replacement services for the Apple range of products, including free repairs if you are covered by an appropriate Apple Warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan.


Selecting the right computer and other technological products for your business and personal use is something that is becoming increasingly important but also increasingly difficult.  There are many brands offering similar products but it is very difficult for people to determine what products offer the best value for their specific needs.

As an Apple Authorised Reseller with a team of highly experienced Apple Product Professionals, Certified Technicians and Call Out Engineers that spend the majority of their time maintaining our customer’s computer equipment we are well placed and well informed to offer you the best advice possible when making a purchase.  We would also like to reassure you that any product advice we give you is based on an assessment of what is best for you as a customer in good faith.

Web Services

We also offer a free dial up service for everyone, which can be applied for by clicking here


MacEssentials offers a significant amount of information to customers through our website, which includes recommended downloads, detailed support for our Web Services and a News Section and a new advanced online store will be coming soon.

MacEssentials provides key IT Services primarily to small and medium sized businesses that use the power of the Apple Macintosh range to operate.  As an experienced Apple Authorised Service Provider and Apple Authorised Reseller, we are one of the leading Mac specialists in the country.

Our position as an Apple Authorised Service Provider and Reseller means that we can offer thousands of carefully selected products, highly experienced onsite engineers and technicians, a host of workshop services as well as free repairs for equipment under warranty or an AppleCare Protection Plan.  We don’t stop there though!  MacEssentials offer a number of additional services which can be seen below and explored on our website.

Having all these services under one “roof” means that we have a close and efficient working relationship with all of our customers who often save substantial sums of money by using a combination of our tightly integrated services.  Our staff are fully trained and have a huge amount of expertise in the fields in which they work and to top that, our staff includes Apple Certified Technicians, Product Professionals and Sales Professionals, which is examined yearly


- By offering feature rich internet services our engineers, technicians and consultants are able to solve any technical queries or problems at the same time and much more quickly than if the responsibility is divided between different service providers and you save the need to pay two or more charges for separate issues.

  1. -As a reseller and service provider you can be assured that we are giving impartial advice to help you choose between going ahead with repairs, upgrades or the purchase of new equipment.

  2. -Because we are amongst the people who deal with any technical difficulties that arise with equipment we have inside knowledge about what products do and don’t work and we use those experiences to decide which products should be offered to customers, which could potentially save you from a serious amount of distress and costs in the future.