The white MacBook has everything you need to do everything you need and keep up with your mobile lifestyle, whether youʼre a student or a professional. The Intel Core 2 Duo processor delivers power and performance. The built-in SuperDrive burns both CDs and DVDs.

Stay connected wherever you go with built-in AirPort Extreme 802.11n Wi-Fi, offering up to five times the performance and up to twice the range of the previous generation. Video chat using the built-in iSight camera. At 2.75cm thin and 2.27kg, it tucks right into your bag or backpack and puts a world of advanced features within your reach. And since MacBook is bound to become your constant companion, a durable polycarbonate shell keeps it ready for the rough and tumble of everyday life.

Built in camera for photos, recording or web conferencing.

Comes with Mac OS X & iLife

All new Macs come with Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard advanced operating system and the iLife suite of applications.

Guaranteed to Work

As an Apple Authorised Service Provider, Macessentials offers free in house warranty repair services for your Mac if you are covered by an Apple Warranty.  The MacBook Pro comes with a free one year Apple Limited Warranty which allows you to get any faults fixed properly worldwide.  If additional security and support is important to you we recommend adding AppleCare to your order, which is currently on Special Offer.

Slot Loading Superdrive

All new MacBooks come with a side-facing slot-loading optical drive which can be used for reading or writing cds or dvds.

Two Finger Scroll

The White MacBook allows for two finger up-down and left-right scrolling, for an advanced multi-touch trackpad, please see the new MacBook (Aluminium) or MacBook Pro.

Battery Level Indicator

An indicator at the bottom of the devices allows you to check the battery level while your computer is off or in sleeping.

Did we mention Windows?

Intel Macs are capable of running Windows natively, just like a PC.  Boot Camp is now included which allows you to install Windows and choose between XP or Vista and Leopard when starting your machine.  We also sell software which allows Windows to run within Leopard, please call for more advice.

MagSafe Power Adapter

All MacBook laptops come with MagSafe as standard, a power chord which uses magnets to stay in place so that if the lead is accidently pulled it will pull out instead of sending your precious computer flying.

2.0 GHz

2GB Memory

120GB Hard Drive

NVIDIA GeForce 9400M


White polycarbonate shell

£625.22 +VAT = £719

Optional Enhancements

As an Apple Authorised Reseller, MacEssentials has a team of staff who are specialists in determining the needs of firms and individuals when buying or upgrading their Mac.  We aim to save you money on custom configurations, including free installation of memory, software, and updates.


Adding memory is the most effective and affordable way to gain instant performance increases on your Mac.  We offer a free advice and installation service for all customers, all you have to do is call or pop in and we’ll do the hard work for you.

Hard Drives

Upgrading hard drives is slightly more expensive than upgrading memory so we advise you to consider the amount of space that you will need on your hard drive over at least the next year of your computer’s life.  We supply custom built machines to order, which is the best and most inexpensive way to add extra capacity if  you need it.

Other Equipment

We sell a wide range of additional equipment to meet the requirements of all customers using Macs.  This includes everything from an Apple remote for your new MacBook Pro through to networking equipment to link up everyone in your corporation.


The majority of our customers are professionals, especially in the print, marketing, design and engineering industries.  Every day we help people choose the right software and upgrade paths to maximise efficiency, minimise costs and juggle a multitude of other factors.

Mac Support

MacEsssentials is first and foremost a service company.  Our staff include Apple Certified Technicians and Apple Product Professionals and have a huge amount of experience between them.  This together with our dedication to service means that we are in the best position to deliver you a superior service and not pass you back and forth between departments!  Please click on the Mac Services tab for more information.

MacBook (White)

13.3” Display

Apple Software


Why buy this software separately when you can get Mac OS X Leopard, iLife 09 and iWork 09 in the Mac Box Set and save £72 on the single user or £97 on the Family Pack. 

Single                    £149
Family Pack (5)      £199Mac_Box_Set.html