Remote Control & Front Row

The Mac mini comes with an Apple Remote Control which can be used for Front Row, a easy to use application for browsing your photos, music, movies, podcasts and other media on your Mac.

Simple & Effective

The Mac mini is appropriate for users that need to save as much money as possible when switching to or upgrading their mac.  The Mac mini features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor but it’s standard configuration comes with limited memory and hard drive.  Please see the optional enhancements section below for more upgrade options.  If you would like a more straight forward all in one computer with built in display, keyboard and mouse, please see the details of the iMac by clicking here.

1.83 GHz

1GB Memory

80GB Hard Drive

Combo Drive

£340 +VAT = £391

2 GHz

1GB Memory

120GB Hard Drive

Super Drive

£424.35 +VAT = £488

No Compromise

Despite its size, the Mac mini packs in serious connectivity.


Firewire 400




4x USB2


In & Out



Comes with Mac OS X & iLife

All new Macs come with Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard advanced operating system and the iLife suite of applications.

Did we mention Windows?

Intel Macs are capable of running Windows natively, just like a PC.  Boot Camp is now included which allows you to install Windows and choose between XP or Vista and Leopard when starting your machine.  We also sell software which allows Windows to run within Leopard, please call for more advice.

Guaranteed to Work

As an Apple Authorised Service Provider, Macessentials offers free in house warranty repair services for your Mac if you are covered by an Apple Warranty.  The MacBook Pro comes with a free one year Apple Limited Warranty which allows you to get any faults fixed properly worldwide.  If additional security and support is important to you we recommend adding AppleCare to your order, which is currently on Special Offer.

Mac mini

Apple Software


Why buy this software separately when you can get Mac OS X Leopard, iLife 09 and iWork 09 in the Mac Box Set and save £72 on the single user or £97 on the Family Pack. 

Single                    £149
Family Pack (5)      £199Mac_Box_Set.html

New versions

1.83 GHz

1GB Memory

120GB Hard Drive

Double Layer SuperDrive

NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

£433.91 +VAT = £499

2 GHz

2GB Memory

320GB Hard Drive

Double Layer Super Drive

NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

£564.35 +VAT = £649