Onsite Services

We offer Mac specific onsite technical services to businesses and individuals in London & the South East.  Our highly experienced and skilled team are able to offer advice, support and technical work in a wide range of fields offering advice, technical support/servicing and installation for the following:

Mac OS X Troubleshooting

Mac Hardware repairs

Mac Software




IT Computer, Peripherals and other related Purchases

Many companies operating with Macs today are able to make huge savings when it comes to servicing and support.  Instead of requiring full time IT staff, many of our customers are able to take advantage of our experienced technicians to offer all in one servicing every time they call. Furthermore, MacEssentials is an Apple Authorised Reseller which means that we can offer fast delivery and more comprehensive packages and set up solutions for you or your company.


Hourly Rate

15 minute intervals


Call Out Charge per Visit


Full Day Installation

9 hours onsite and includes call out


The call out charge for any MacEssentials Technician is £75+VAT and is compulsory except where agreed in advance by MacEssentials Ltd manager.

All goods delivered by our technicians are invoiced on the date of delivery and will be due from that day onward.

All goods remain the property of MacEssentials Ltd until the full amount of the total invoice amount is paid.

Technician onsite time is charged at the rate of £75 per hour in 15 minute intervals.

We recommend that you backup any important data you have.  MacEssentials cannot and does not accept liability of any kind for any form of data loss.

MacEssentials Ltd will not accept responsibility for any faults recognised after servicing that were not or could not be determined to be in working order before  the service takes place.

MacEssentials reserves the right to amend these terms & conditions at any time without notice as far as is permitted by law.

Terms & Conditions

Apple Warranty Terms & Conditions (PDFs)