Workshop Services for Apple and Apple Mac Devices


Technician Time

The hourly rate for our workshop technicians is £65+VAT per hour.

Please note that parts are charged separately unless you are covered by a valid warranty.

Quotations for Insurance Claims

As a reputable and well established Mac specialist, we are able to offer quotations for insurance claims.  The charge is £45+VAT, which is refunded if we subsequently carry out the work or sell the equipment to you.

Terms & Conditions

Our workshop technicians and equipment form the core of our hardware services.  Whether your machine is covered by an Apple Warranty or not, as an Apple Authorised Service Provider we are able to source thousands of parts directly from Apple on a rapid turn around time.  As with our onsite technicians, the workshop counterparts have years of experience and are fully Apple certified.  As a result, we can guarantee that your computer, display, ipod or any other relevant product will be serviced to the highest standards possible and all at a very reasonable rate.

System recovery and data transfer

System servicing and software installations

Apple Hardware warranty and out of warranty repairs

Pre-installations, configurations and peripherals set up

RAM (Memory), Hard Drive, Graphics Card and Software Upgrades

One of the best ways to improve your computer’s performance at a reasonable cost is to give it a memory upgrade.  Extra memory will allow your computer to perform more tasks at a faster speed when using almost any application.  A memory upgrade can have a truly significant impact upon the speed at which you can work and Pro users in particular can expect much higher levels of productivity, especially when running demanding graphical, music, photo, video, 3D and database software such as the Adobe Creative Suite, Aperture, FInal Cut, FileMaker.

We offer memory upgrade options for all Apple Computers and most come with a free installation service (please see the lists below or contact for more information).

Currently, a free memory upgrade installation service is available for the following:


PowerMac G4

PowerMac G3 (Blue and White)



MacBook Pro


PowerBook G4

iBook G4

Please note that memory installations for the following devices are charged at £48.75+VAT

Mac mini

Please visit our product store to purchase Memory.

Alternatively, please contact us at 01689 897722 or for advice.

Memory Upgrades

1. The minimum charge for any item requiring engineer attention is £45+VAT.

     This charge applies equally to all items, including those you choose not to repair.

2. All engineer services including support, diagnosis and repairs are charged at the rate of £65+VAT per hour in 15 minute intervals.

3. Apple items under Warranty or an Apple Care Protection Plan are exempt from the charges detailed in parts 1 & 2

    provided, but not exclusive to the following conditions being met.

3.1. The fault must be a hardware issue.

3.2. Such hardware faults must not have been brought about by any of the following:

3.2.1. Unauthorised tampering with the item and its internal devices.

3.2.2. Unauthorised removal, replacement or insertion of internal devices.

3.2.3 Physical damage inflicted by any user including (but not exclusive to) impact and/or liquid damage.

3.2.4 The use of inappropriate equipment.

3.3. Appropriate proof of purchase may be required to ascertain or confirm the validity of a Warranty or  Protection Plan.

4. Any time or parts spent that fall outside of the coverage terms and  conditions will be charged at our standard rates.  If your machine is still under Warranty or a Protection Plan you will be informed before any action goes ahead that may incur charges.

5. We recommend that you backup any important data you have before submitting any items for servicing as MacEssentials

    does not accept liability for any data loss.

6. MacEssentials will not accept responsibility for any faults recognised after servicing that were not or could not be

    determined to be in working order before  the service takes place.

7. Submitted Service Items will not be released to any customer until full payment is received.

MacEssentials reserves the right to amend these terms & conditions at any time without notice as far as is permitted by law.

Please feel free to call us if you are unsure about any of the above details

Workshop Services Terms & Conditions

Apple Warranty Terms & Conditions (PDFs)