This page is purely intended as a guide for those using our Web Services and although other visitors are welcome to view our Library pages please note that it is not intended as an authoritative source of information for POP and IMAP functionality and standards.

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Free Dial Up

We offer a free dial up service for all customers, even if you don’t use our Web Services.

  1. Fast, free and reliable dial Up Internet access

  2. Pay-as-you-go. No subscription fees or contract

  3. 0845 local call rates paid via your phone bill

  4. Up to 56 kbps modem speeds

  5. Free and easy to set up

  6. Anyone can use it

  7. Free for everyone


All you need to do is call our head office to register your email address and then you will be able to use the service instantly.

Dial Up Number:     08456040489

Username:                 The email address you provided to MacEssentials to register

Password:                  password

Please note that 0845 local call rates apply, which your telephone provider charge for on your phone bill.

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