Good support doesn’t replace the need for good technology when it comes to the internet, and the MacEssentials Web Services Control Panel is no push over in the big bad world of internet hosting services.  Once you activate your account (by calling 01689 897722) you will have access to your own personal control panel 24/7 from any browser on any half decent computer anywhere in the world, simply by logging in with your domain name and password at (have a sneek if you don’t believe us).

Don’t be scared when you look through all these brilliant features....remember there’s a support section on our website, a help area within your own admin account...and....we’re only on the other end of the phone.

Web Services

The MacEssentials Way

here are some of the features you’ll get in your control panel...

The Email tab of the Web Services Control Panel includes a wide range of functionality, allowing you to access and control all email accounts in the Mail Boxes area, set Auturesponders and automatic forwarding for when staff are away, catch all forwarding to make sure that your company doesn’t miss a single opportunity and more.  For more information, please visit the Web Services Support Pages.