There are many reasons to choose MacEssentials Web Services over the online crowd and here are a few:

Are you new to all this?  Just set up a company perhaps?

Here, we apply the same level of quality control over customer services as we do for our more general IT services, which means that we won’t grab your money and then leave you out in the cold.  Most internet service providers don’t even provide a contact telephone number and when they do, you’ll probably be waiting a very long time for someone to pick up the phone - give us a test! 

MacEssentials Web Packages also offer a high level of flexibility, packages can be upgraded at any time throughout the year and you will be discounted the remaining value of your existing package from the bill (for example, if you buy our Business Pro package and then wish to update to our Enterprise package half way through the year, you will be discounted the remaining £199.50 of value left in your Pro package).

No questions asked 30 day money back guarantee

If you are not entirely happy with your package (heaven forbid) we will give you a full refund once you notify us by email from your account and process a full refund.  Please note that if you wish to take your domain with you, its cost will be deducted (usually £5 - £15 depending on the extension).

Its simple

By visiting the Control Panel tab you can see that it is very simple to manage your own account, but don’t forget that we’re always at the other end of the phone if you have any issues.

We’re Serious

Our Web Hosting Services make use of highly secure servers with fast internet lines so that your customers have the fastest and smoothest possible experience when exploring your site, you and your staff have rapid email services and you can be reassured that all will be running smoothly even when you’re not at work.

As a serious support company we don’t tolerate poor quality equipment.  The servers used to host your accounts are arranged in network arrays utilising RAID technology to ensure the greatest possible performance in reliability.  The Cisco Systems network also operates at 1000Mb per second (many web hosting networks are limited to 100Mb per second) and the servers are housed in a highly secure environment.

And we really do mean unlimited

You may have noticed that the Enterprise package includes unlimited email addresses, web space, bandwidth, subdomains, FTP accounts and SQL Databases.  This is possible due to closely managed network resources and rapid expansion capabilities with no service downtime.  Too see the conditions of this service, please visit the FAQ section.

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